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Trolley Lifts


  • Choice of Two Models: Whether you are lifting beer barrels, sack barrows, large roll containers or washing machines, you can choose either the 250Kg or 300Kg model to suit your exact lifting requirements. Our larger service lifts are floor level serving and are more suited to larger loads being transported on trolleys and trucks.
  • Trolley lifts are designed to carry larger products including Euro pallets and have use within retail environments, hotels, hospitals, small warehouses and nursing homes.
  • Self supporting structures available
  • Easy Handling: Up to three-way entry on every floor to give most convenient access positions
  • Entrances: The Goods Lift can be supplied with concertina Shutter leaf gates with galvanised finish or single hinged steel doors with grey baked enamel finish at landing entrances
  • Car Entrance Protection: To protect loads during travel, a collapsible picket gate, electrically interlocked for safety, is available if required

Technical Specifications

  • Load: Up to 300Kg
  • Cage: Constructed from steel sheeting finished in grey baked enamel
  • Entrances: All doors are electrically interlocked to comply with safety regulations
  • Car Entrance Protection: We recommend that car entrances should be protected to prevent goods falling from the lift car during travel. A collapsible picket gate can be fitted and is offered as an optional extra
  • Mounting: Self supporting with a freestanding structure. Because our structure incorporates the whole equipment (e.g. winding unit, shutters etc.), we do not require a load-bearing lift well or separate motor room.
  • Floors Served: Can serve up to six floors
  • Speed: 250kg - 0.17m/s. 300kg - 2 speed, 0.31m/s maximum
  • Control: Fully automatic push button control with call and despatch facilities at each entrance, incorporating Landing Position and "Lift in Use" indicators
  • Operation: Smooth and quiet. A highly efficient winding unit is supplied with a well-developed reliable controller. Electrical consumption is minimal because the Goods Lift is fitted with a balance weight and 2:1 roping
  • Winding Unit: Mounted at the top of the lift on our frame within the headroom dimensions given. The motor drives through a high quality reduction gear, fitted with a disc brake. A hand wheel and brake release are incorporated
  • Electric Supply: 415 volt, 50 cycles, 3 phase. Client to provide 15 amp isolator at floor served
  • Enclosure: Normally by builder
  • Maintenance: We normally recommend the Goods Lift is serviced and inspected by a qualified Swallow Lift engineer every quarter. This is to ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation
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